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2015-11-12 17:10:53
Median home prices in Providence Utah 1997 to 2015

Median home prices in Providence Utah 1997 to 2015


The graph below shows the median home price in Providence, Utah each quarter from 1997 to 3rd quarter of 2015. Unlike Smithfield, Logan and Cache Valley as a whole, the selling price of homes in Providence are all over the place. There is no clear line like the other areas of Cache Valley.

As you can see the median home price in Providence has been on the rise the past 20+ years, but with much more wild swings each quarter than the other parts of Cache Valley. In 1996 the median sold price of a Providence Utah home was about $130,000 range. The sold prices of homes increased but with peaks and valleys until around 2006-2007. There are 2 very odd quarters. 3rd quarter of 2009 the median price shot up to $290,000 and the 2nd quarter of 2012 when the median price slipped all the way to $161,000. As of the end of the 3rd quarter 2015 the median sold price of homes in Providence is $253,000.

It looks like prices should continue to rise, and if the trend continues, 2016 will see the selling prices of homes in Providence Utah at its highest levels ever.

Selling Price of homes sold in Providence Utah 1997 to 2015

The average price is normally higher in the 2nd and 3rd quarter and lower in the 1st and 4th. It's Cache Valley. Who wants to move in the winter? :)

1st quarter: January, February and March
2nd quarter: April, May and June
3rd quarter: July, August, and September
4th quarter: October, November, and December

If you would like more information about the selling price of Cache Valley homes today, or in the past, just email me, or give me a call. I'm happy to send you the information you need.

Please put 'Median Home Price in Providence Utah' or 'Median Selling Price of Providence Utah Homes' in your subject line.

Thank you.

Johnnie Rosser
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2015-11-12 17:10:53
Median home prices in Providence Utah 1997 to 2015

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