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2014-11-05 13:13:40
Homes I've Sold in Cache Valley this past year


Homes I've Sold in Cache Valley this past year

2014 has been a great year for real estate in Logan, Utah and all of Cache Valley. I have been able to work with some great sellers this year and was happy to help them list their homes for sale in Cache Valley and also to be able to help get them sold. Here are a few of my favorite Cache Valley homes that I was able to help sell this past year.


Home for sale in Hyrum Utah

This 2300 sq. foot home in Hyrum Utah sold for $186,000. It has 5 Bedrooms and 2 bathrooms and 1 more plumbed in the basement. My favorite thing about this home is the amazing view of the Wellsville Mountains from the back yard. The view from this home is one of the best your find from any home for sale in Cache Valley.  

Home for sale in Providence Utah

This Providence home was only listed for 1 day when we received offer. This Cache Valley home was built in 1952, but had a large addition add just a few years ago. Total sq. footage is 1870. This Providence home sold for $147,000. I'm a little bias, but I love selling homes in Providence, Utah. 


Logan Utah Real EstateCache Valley Real Estate

One of my favorite clients, the Leishman's,                                                                       I sold this home in Hyde Park Utah at the end of
sold this home in Nibley Utah and bought a new                                                                last year, but I like it so much that I wanted to
home that was for sale in Hyrum Utah. They loved the                                                       include it on this list. I helped the sellers
homes for sale in Cache Valley , so we looked for                                                             build this Cache Valley home a few years ago,   
homes for sale in Hyrum, Wellsville and Nibley.                                                                  but they got a new job out of the Logan area        This home for sale near Logan Utah sold for just over                                                       and had to sell their Hyde Park Home. They were
$162,000. It is a single story home with                                                                           sad to about putting their Cache Valley home for sale,
about 1500 square feet.                                                                                                  but the job was to good to pass up.
                                                                                                                                    This Hyde Park Utah Home sold for $191,000.
Cache Valley Real Estate is on the rise. The Homes for Sale in Logan, Utah have sold quicker and for more money then any time in the past 5 years. If you have a home in Cache Valley that you would like to sale. Please give me a call. I would love to be your Logan Utah Realtor. I can help you sell your Logan Utah Real Estate, just like I helped these clients sell their homes in Cache Valley. If the trend of homes for sale in Logan Utah continues 2015 will be a very good your to put your homes in Cache Valley for sale.
Also, if you are a buyer looking to buy a Logan Utah real estate, give me a call any time. I would love to show you the homes for sale in Cache Valley that might fit what you are looking for. With rates still low, now might just be the perfect time for you to invest in Cache Valley Real Estate. Call me. I would love to be your Cache Valley Realtor.
Johnnie Rosser


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Homes I've Sold in Cache Valley this past year

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